How It Works

  1. Essex Theatre Ticketing acts as an agent for partner societies or other organisations promoting suitable events.
  2. Essex Theatre Ticketing enters a description of the event on one of its websites.
  3. Websites operated by Essex Theatre Ticketing include Essex Theatre Ticketing (for productions based in Essex) and Our Box Office (for those based outside Essex).
  4. Customers can assemble a shopping basket of ticket selections for a mixture of events.
  5. Payment for the tickets is handled using PayPal as an agent. PayPal is a reputable payment transfer company best known for its association with the online auction site eBay.
  6. PayPal accepts a wide range of credit and debit cards.
  7. Customers may create a PayPal account which will store their details for ease of making purchases from Essex Theatre Ticketing and other sellers accepting PayPal.
  8. Credit / debit card details are never disclosed to Essex Theatre Ticketing or the partner society by PayPal.
  9. Customers pay for their tickets using their preferred credit / debit card.
  10. A small booking fee of 50 pence is charged on every order which includes postage and packing.
  11. The customer receives electronic confirmation of their order from PayPal.
  12. The customer's credit / debit card bill gives the payment details as "PayPal - EssexTicketing".
  13. The partner society normally receives automatic notification of a transaction from PayPal by e-mail as soon as a sale is made.
  14. The partner society posts the tickets to the customer unless it is within a week of the show. If it is within a week of the show then the tickets are held for the customer at the theatre or other venue and may be exchanged for the order acknowledgement at the performance. (The booking fee including the postage and packing is not refundable)
  15. The partner society is responsible for queries about the tickets.
  16. Essex Theatre Ticketing is responsible for queries about the payment.
  17. Every month the partner society receives a statement of sales from Essex Theatre Ticketing and an electronic transfer of funds to their bank account.